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To Hedgeride or Not to Hedgeride

What is a Witch? A Witch is someone of the Blood.

What is the Blood? The Blood is blood in which the spark, the flame, the virtue (call it what you will) has been awakened.

What is a Witch? Someone of the Blood who has the Sight.

What is the Sight? Being able to sense/see/understand Unseen things, things and connections that normally can't be sensed via the vehicle of the five senses (hence sometimes being called a Sixth Sense).

What is a Witch? Someone of the Blood who has the Sight and has connections (usually via spirit familiars, totems, or the Fey/fetch relationship or all of the above) with the Otherworld, the land of Faery, the Unseen realm.

Can you be a Witch and not have any of these? Ah, that is the question...
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