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Hedge Poetry

So even though I have yet to "cross the hedge" and experience that I have been really inspired by the idea of  "crossing." I wrote some poetry if you don't mind me sharing. It all is really the same but I can't break away from it. I get into "poetry ruts" where I am stuck on one topic for a while. I have written a bunch of it but here is a sampling of my simple poetry ( :] ):

Journey to the Underworld
By Karina Young
12 May 2009

Anointed with the salve of flight
Riding my broom, quite a sight
Masked to mark me as their own
The secrets of this world to me are shown
I go to HER
The Dame
The Frau
Just ask me and I’ll show you how
To meet the initiator of rebirth
To then come back flying through the hearth.

Copyright Karina A. Young

Here is another:

The Crossing
By Karina Young
April 2009

Ride the Broom, Ride the Hare
To the lands below, Hel is waiting there.
Ride the Wolf, Ride the Moon
The time is now and not a moment too soon.
Ride the Runes, Ride the Breeze
And soon you’ll cross with ease.

Copyright Karina A. Young

Hope you liked it! Maybe I will actually have the experience someday! I am young still (only 20!). :]

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