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Hedgewitch Anthology open for submissions!

To Fly By Night-The Craft of the Hedgewitch

This anthology is currently open for submissions of essays regarding the
ancient and modern practice of the Hedgewitch. Hedgewitches and
Hedgeriders are those who travel past the "hedges" that mark out the
boundaries of the known world. They dare to go into the wild and unknown
realms of the beyond to seek out knowledge, healing, and to commune with
the dead. They are often said to have one foot in this world and one foot
in the other.
Some potential subjects for the essays include, but are not limited to:

>The origins of Hedgeriding
>Tools and techniques for Hedgeriding (for example, ritual, trance, herbs,
> How Hedgeriding relates your spiritual beliefs (or how it doesn’t)
> Experiences in the Underworld and Otherworld(s)
> How your experiences are or are not accepted by others
> Potential and actual obstacles and dangers in regards to this practice
> Whether you must be born to this practice or if it can be taught
> Using the aid and guidance of totems or spirits in your travels
> The worldview of the Hedgewitch
> How Hedgeriding may or may not relate to astral projection/travel
> The Hedgewitch link to the Goddesses of Fate
> The connection between the Hedgewitch and the hawthorn tree

Essays should be approximately 2000-4000 words in length and be attached as
a Word doc. Times New Roman 12 pt preferred. Please put submission and
the title of the piece in your subject time. Also submit in your email the
name of your essay and the word count, plus a brief bio, your real name,
pen-name if any, your address, email address, and any previous publishing
history. Submissions of rituals, trance techniques, etc., will also be
considered on a case-by-case basis.

You must be willing to work with the editing process and re-write as
needed. Once an essay has been accepted in final draft form, a contract
will be sent to you. Payment will be 2 copies of the published book, plus

The deadline for submissions is February 2, 2010. Please email your
submission to hedgewitch@pendraigpublishing.com
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