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Walker Between Worlds

Someone emailed me a wonderful picture of an old stone wall. It was overgrown with moss and the stones sort of looked like a row of skulls. On one side of the wall was forest and, on the other side, was bare ground with just a few leaves here and there. It definitely reminded me of the idea of stone walls/hedges being a boundary between this world and the Otherworld. Especially with the way it reminded me of skulls and how one side looked marked by civilization and the other side was simply wild.

Walking or riding the "hedge" would mean standing on that boundary, or with one foot here and one foot there. When that boundary also includes the line between Life and Death, that can be an uncanny and dangerous place. Which is, of course, the world of the shaman, nightrider, hedgewalker.

Since geese (especially snow geese) are often associated with this sort of nightflight, Otherworldly travel...I want to do more research on geese and see where it leads me. Mother Goose, obviously. Certainly, I could see Mother Goose as the local wisewoman, cunning woman, storyteller and healer, old granny around the village.
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