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Book...Coming Soon!

Whoo!!!! The Hedgewitch anthology is off to the publisher and only needs some finished art from me yet.

I guess Pendraig is hoping for a July release date! Time to start planning a book release party here in the Twin Cities, I guess.

Here is the most current ad:

To Fly By Night
The Craft of the Hedgewitch

Hedgewitch Craft takes its name from the practice of travelling beyond the boundaries, of going past the "hedgerows" that divide what is known from what is unknown. The Hedge is another word for what many might call the Veil, and those who stand with one foot in the physical world and one foot in the land of spirit have inherited the on-going role that the ancient shamanic Craft of old Europe and England once fulfilled.

Hedgewitches and hedgeriders are intimates of the mysteries of the wilds outside of the borders. They work to mediate between many realms, including those of life and death, human and Faery, mortal and divine. They utilize diverse techniques to undertake the night-flight into strange and sometimes dangerous places in order to gain spirit-allies, magickal abilities and knowledge, to heal and to commune with the Gods and the ancestors. Despite being a bit of an "outsider" themselves, they continue to do what is needed for both the land and the community to prosper and evolve.

From the ancient to the modern, from the philosophical and historical to the practical and mystical, these essays span a wide variety of paths and approaches. Teachers, musicians, artists, writers, reconstructionists, Traditional Witches and Wiccans, practitioners of conjure and herbcraft, of trance, dance, song, and stavving, they have chosen to freely share their experiences, rituals, techniques, wisdom, and hopes for the future.

The Otherworld beckons, the powers of furious flight and fancy call--will you dare to take the leap, to jump the Hedge, and brave the Unseen realms of the beyond?

To Fly By Night features works by: Robin Artisson, Christopher Crittenden, Veronica Cummer, Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold, Eric de Vries, Rev. Jack Green, Raven Grimassi, Beth Hansen-Buth, Juniper, Sylva Markson, Jenne Micale, Papa Toad Bone, John Pwyll, Elige Stewart, and Kari Tauring
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