bitterwitchx (bitterwitchx) wrote in hedgeriders,

Hedgecrossing Technique Journal Entries

I have been making some posts recently, respectively, that involve techniques I use to cross the hedge. I also do a lot of research on my own about witchcraft in general (I read a lot and get rare books from my college's library loan system). Obviously, everyone has their own technique and experiences, so these should be taken lightly. I just like to share my techniques and write essays on witchcraft in general :)
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I think that, yeah, books can provide some great info...but then you have to go beyond the books and explore for yourself and find what works best for you.

One issue with books is, I think, that its so hard to talk about some of what we experience and have it make any kind of sense. The English language often falls short. (sadly)
Pretty much. You can't just read about it, you have to experience it. Books and research help with ideas on how to develop your own technique to cross the hedge.