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hedgeriders's Journal

Hedgeriding or Going Past the Boundaries
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Traditional Hedgewitches and Hedgeriders Community
Essentially this community is for those who are hedgewalkers and hedgeriders, witches and cunning folk who work to go beyond the boundaries that are symbolized by the hedges or hedgerows. Hedges were often used to make boundaries between fields in the old days (and some still are today). Hedgewitchery is working to go beyond the boundaries, beyond the known quantity, and into the unknown in order to bring back new understandings, magicks, spells, charms, healing, divinatory knowledge, and communication from Gods and spirits of all kinds.

This is a not a community for doing natural magick or garden magick (though, of course, hedgewitches can do that sort of thing if they enjoy it), but a group for those who experience or seek to experience spirit journey to the Otherworld, the land of the dead, the land of the Fey, Faery, Benevento, the Witches' Sabbat, call it what you will.

This is hedgeriding or hedgewalking--traveling past the borders and into the Unseen realms, including the ancestral land of Faery.

Up the chimney
And out the door
Past the hedgerows
We fly, we go
Traveling fast
Traveling far
To the land below
Unseen, unknown
There to find
Our feast, our love
Our Faery match
Who waits for us.